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"Fantastic SE Aurora Martial Arts Program
More Than Just Self-Defense...Kids Learn
The Skills And Tools They Need For Success In Life..."

 More respect, focus, goal setting and increased self-discipline 
~ kids are nurtured to become an ideal version of themselves. 
And their Parents couldn't be happier

Keep reading to see examples of kids who benefit from their involvement in our program.  They're kids just like yours successful as your kids will be.

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To the Parents of My Future Students,

Greetings, I'm Jesse Bernal, Head Instructor at Colorado Martial Arts Academy.
I'd like to take a moment to highlight some kids that may sound a bit like your own. I don't have any specific children in mind with these examples, but I would be surprised if one of these typical children doesn't sound just like your child.
Check out the four stories to follow. I'll use two boys and two girls, but that doesn't mean either type of kid is specific to a gender. Martial Arts benefits Girls and Boys equally!!

Which Child Is Yours?

Benefits of Karate at Colorado Martial Arts Academy
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