Colorado Martial Arts Academy
Kids Karate

Children aged 4 to 11

Colorado Martial Arts Academy has classes for children as young as 4 years old.  At such a young age, we set goals with our parents for how many minutes in a session, they'd like for their Little Dragon to participate in the class.  

This allows our younger kids an opportunity to be independent, while still having the security of Mom or Dad should they feel the need for a break. :-)

By the time a child is 5, they're able to maintain focus for the full session.  Parents can stay and watch or run errands as necessary.

Teen & Adults aged 12+

Teens and adults are well matched in our classes as exuberance of youth is tempered by the wisdom of age. ;-)

Parents and Teens have a great time bonding in our Martial Arts classes.  The environment is designed to promote cooperation and respect among students and the instructors.

  • Get Fit
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Reduce Stress 

Fitness, Self-Defense and Special Events

Martial Arts has so many facets to its practice; special skills workshops and Self-Defense are offered at least once a quarter through our Academy.
Additionally, Colorado Martial Arts Academy has associations with other fitness and martial arts organizations, which offer events throughout the year, like special training and competition!

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