About Us

Student Advisory Committee

Our Community Business Model affords the students with an opportunity to have voting privileges in how we do business.  Examples of things they can vote on are:
  • Workshop curriculum 
  • Participation in Community and Federation events
  • Purchases for Equipment and Studio improvement
  • Lifetime Rust Proof Membership!
Benefits are based on rank and time with the school as a student and are available to participants of all ages.  Examples of benefits at higher levels include voting privileges on which charities the school will support, PBLT efforts, letters of recommendation and school credit for workshops, equipment and registration/testing fees.   

Project Based Leadership Program

The concept behind Project Based Leadership Training (PBLT), is that students participate in projects that have a positive impact on their community. Through this program, students learn organization skills, what it takes to be a good team member and how to lead a group of people toward a common goal.  

Each student is required to perform some type of community service once a quarter to qualify for rank testing.   A good Martial Artist and being a good Citizen are one in the same.

Click below to see some of the projects we've participated in:
  • Denver Big/Little workshop
  • Eagles Nest Healing Horses for the Armed Forces car wash (fund raiser)
  • Blanket drive for the homeless of Aurora (working in conjunction with: )

Your Instructor

With 25 years of experience, Mr. Bernal's love for martial arts started as a child watching Kung Fu and Samurai movies.  It wasn't until he was an adult that he began training in Tang Soo Do.  

Mr. Bernal says he suffers from Martial Arts ADD, in that he spent years training in various martial styles (American Boxing/Kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Goju-Ryu and BJJ). When he decided that teaching martial arts would become his career, he returned to what he calls his "foundation" art, Tang Soo Do.

When he's not teaching or practicing Tang Soo Do, Mr. Bernal is kept busy with his wife, Shawnna (who he's known since he was 16!!) and his 13 year old boy/girl twins.

||Here are a few words from Mr. Bernal regarding his philosophy on Martial Responsibility||

I'm honored each time an adult decides they want me to help them or their children discover what makes Martial Arts so great.

I believe Martial Artists have a greater responsibility to the community than your average citizen.  Training in a Traditional Martial Art like Tang Soo Do, we place an emphasis on the development of Mind, Body & Spirit; not just for self improvement, but to help the people around us.

With guidance from our traditional codes of conduct (5 Codes) and moral tenets (7 tenets), we're able to train beyond the physical and are able to develop ourselves into better individuals and members our community.
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